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Time To Get Mad At Your Therapist

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A client got mad at me the other day.  Really mad.  Not irritated or frustrated, but mad.  The kind of mad where tone changes, sometimes tears fall and it’s hard to get the words out.

I had said something that hurt his feelings.  In the course of discussing a...

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In my view, forgiveness is a spontaneous act. True forgiveness requires remorse on the part of the perpetrator.

One of my colleagues said something to the effect of "Instead of asking victims to forgive, we should be asking perpe...

Why is Compulsive Eating Considered A Disorder?

This is an interesting question, especially if you contemplate what the word “disorder” actually means.  I am not a huge fan of the kind of language that tries to define what is “normal” and what is “abnormal.” However, it...

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