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  A word of welcome from Dr Blackburn  

Searching for a psychologist, particularly over the web, can be a really hard thing to do.


Just looking at the word "therapy" can make some folks feel uncomfortable.


Sometimes these experiences stop people from obtaining much needed relief from bothersome problems.


If you are on this site, you have made an important move towards feeling a whole lot better.


I think choosing the right person to help you exchange "problems" for "coping skills" is a great start. 



My hunch about successful therapy is that it is a combination of good planning, hard work, mutual liking and sometimes a dose of good humor. My experience has been that a team approach between people works best in counseling.

Helping individuals learn to help themselves seems to produce the most noticeable changes which remain significant over time. Often this involves using techniques that fit each person's own special ways of thinking and feeling.


I specialize in working with people struggling with eating disorders, men who typically "would never go to therapy," and college students. I also work well with at risk, troubled teenagers whose families are confused and uncertain about their situation.

I am LGBT affirming.


If you're ready to start

I'm here to help.

617 . 686 . 2420


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