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Image of 4 young women symbolizing feeling happy about counseling for college students

College Students

  • Academic stress and parents’ expectations

  • Accepting differences between parents and young adults

  • Partying, booze and blackouts

  • Everything should feel great but it doesn’t

  • What to do after graduation

Related Issues

Did you know that according to a Harvard study in 2011 only 46% of Americans complete a college degree?


Many drop out because of finances or the need to support a family. Others were pressured into enrolling, weren’t prepared, and have no clear idea – other than parental expectations – why they are there.


The ones for whom I am most concerned flunk out due to partying too hard, or because their struggle with emotional challenges has overwhelmed their coping skills, and they slip into self-destructive cycles of binge drinking or drug use, and skipping too many classes and exams.


Does any of that describe you?

If you are among the parentally pressured, unprepared, unclear students, college can be hugely stressful for you especially if it’s hard to get motivated and organized, or to concentrate enough to meet your deadlines.

If you are one of those who are struggling to cope with psychological issues, professors or friends may already be urging you to get help.


You might have heard that it’s nearly impossible to earn a middle class income without a college degree.

With your job future on the line, the stresses you’re under may be contributing to arguments with your worried parents about being on the verge of flunking out.


It’s not uncommon these days for college students to feel trapped in others’ expectations. And no doubt about it, the temptations of campus life, even for commuter students, can be disorienting, distracting, or socially discouraging – especially if you’re also dealing with other challenges like:


• social anxiety or shyness

• panic attacks

• depression and low self-esteem

• anger problems

• binge drinking and drug use

• emotional injury from physical or sexual abuse 

I’d like to help.



​Working through these issues can not only help you succeed in college, but also will benefit you as you start your post-grad career.


Call today for information about overcoming

psychological issues and other pressures.


Abigail Blackburn, PsyD

at 617 . 686 . 2420



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