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Psychological Services consultation



Please note that any correspondence through email cannot be guaranteed confidential.



Prospective clients are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling the office at 617-686-2420.



Your call will be returned within 24 hours during business days and the next business day following weekends. 





Forms are available on this website -- click here to download.



If you are using BCBS, you should also bring your insurance card and whatever your copay amount is for outpatient appointments.​ Clients using insurance will need to contact BCBS for authorization prior to this first meeting. You will also need to find out the details of your particular plan, including any deductibles, number of visits allowed per calendar year and co-pay amounts.



​Clients who are paying out of pocket will need to pay for services at the time of the appointment. You will be given a receipt stating that you paid in full, which you are free to submit to your insurer should you have a plan which will reimburse you for out of network services.

Image of young man symbolizing happiness with getting therapy
Image of smiling woman symbolizing being pleased with counseling from Abby Blackburn, PsyD

The initial consulation takes place over two appointments. In our first meeting, we will talk about what is troubling you and figure out together what will be helpful in terms of finding relief. During this time, I will review your history with you and ask you to talk a bit about different parts of your background, including school, work and family. You will be asked to talk in more detail about whatever your concerns may be and to identify how long these things have been problematic.​



I will share with you my thoughts as to what might be going on as well as outline a plan for how to improve things. This plan might include referrals for other types of services, in addition to the work you and I will be doing individually.



In our second meeting, you will have an opportunity to learn more about me and my practice, not only how it is run, but what my philosophy, style and ways of approaching therapy look like. I suggest that prospective clients meet with me a few times to get a feel of whether or not we think we are a "good fit." If for some reason there are doubts about this, I will help you with referrals to other clinicians.



Please keep in mind it is normal to feel nervous about this initial consultation. After all, you are sharing personal and private information with a stranger! At any point during our time together, you are free to decline to answer any of my questions which feel too uncomfortable.​



You are also free to ask me any questions as well; this often helps alleviate undue anxiety.


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