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Having a problem with a relationship?  Going through a loss, or adjusting to betrayal or divorce?  Dealing with a difficult or toxic family member or co-worker?  


People come to therapy when they are hurting and don't know how to fix it on their own.  Others start therapy when they feel powerless to change a hard situation, or a hard heart.


If you are struggling with a relationship, prospect or reality of divorce, or other type of interpersonal adjustment, I'd like to help.  Read more about Relationships, Divorce, and Interpersonal Adjustment.




Feeling like food is more your enemy than a source of sustenance?  Do thoughts of food consume your day?  Are your eating patterns out of control?


I know you already know that no matter what form an eating disorder may take in your life, it can have devastating and life-threatening consequences. And I know you are struggling the best you can to not feel a deep pain.


Finding more useful ways to cope can be hard, but it is not impossible. People do get better, even when they have symptoms that feel insurmountable. If you are becoming worried about eating disordered behavior, I would like to be of help. Read more here.




Having more sad days than not, and feeling hopeless about your future?  Anxious about something specific, or maybe just about everything?  Suffering from an injury in your childhood or adult life that haunts your mind and colors your choices?


Depression, anxiety, and the aftermath of trauma can feel like a never ending cycle.  You might think that things won't change, and be convinced you won't ever feel better again.


But they will, and you can, and I'd like to help.  Learn more here.




Are you a CEO or CFO with enormous work stressors and little supports? Or are you in another profession that carries with it high stress, such as medicine or law enforcement? Are you a psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker who is developing burnout?


Professionals who bear the burden of extreme responsibility for the well being of those around them often feel isolated in their roles. Therapy can offer a place to unload and regenerate without taking away one's feeling of competence.  


If the stress of your career life is getting to you, I'd like to help.  Read about how on the page just for you.




Work or family pressures coming down on you? Feeling blamed for not being 'loving' enough or 'available' enough? Are you constantly trying not to explode?


Going to therapy for feelings like this might be the farthest thing from your mind.  But maybe your relationship is falling apart, or you're losing contracts, or worse, losing your cool with the boss. 


What if things could get better? What if you didn't have to keep feeling like this? What if talking things through, out loud, with an expert who is on you side can help you increase happiness and success?  Find out how therapy makes life better.



Missing classes, or having trouble concentrating or feeling motivated to study?  Binge drinking, or excessive drug use part of daily life? 


Adjusting to college-life freedoms can be seductive and lead you into serious trouble or a falling GPA before you realize it. Maybe you're already having conflicts with parents about your school performance, or the disorganization and lack of structure in your study skills


College can be one of the best times of your life, and if it doesn't feel that way now, I'd like to help you set boundaries and priorities, resist temptations and peer pressures, and ensure that you are preparing for a successful life.  Find out how counseling will help you.




Are you worried about coming out and wondering how this might change your relationships with family and friends? Have you experienced hostility or violence from others in your social circle or community related to homophobia? Do you sometimes feel confused and guilty about your responses to ignorance and judgment?


Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual people can develop secondary depression and anxiety as a result of systemic homophobia in our society. Sometimes this is even absorbed into how people regard, value and understand themselves.


If you need a place to sort things out while feeling supported and encouraged, I would like to help.  Learn more about how  counseling with me can help.



Worried about your teen's unpredictable moods and apparent lack of motivation? Feel like you're in a constant battle over school, chores, and showing respect? 


Maybe you can see that your teen is troubled, you're concerned and have tried your best to find out what's going on, but he or she won't open up to you.Teens sometimes find it useful to talk with an adult that is not a parent, teacher or coach ... someone who will listen and problem solve in a way that feels non-judgmental.


Bringing your teen to therapy is not easy and often involves you being an active part of the process. However, the payoff is worth it. You will be giving them a strong advantage in learning how to deal with their feelings and difficult situations -- skills that will serve them throughout their whole lives.  Find out more about how counseling can help.



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