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Image of smiing Hispanic man symbolizing having a hig stress job
Image of young female physician symbolizing having a high stress job

No matter how competent, skilled, well trained and experienced you are for the work you do, being in a high stress job takes an emotional toll.  



Some people shut off emotion in their personal life in order to not get overwhelmed. But this leads to a robotic existence that isn't very personally satisfying.



Others find the stress from work leaking out on family relationships, decision making at home, and irritability with co-workers.  All that strain to contain the high stress and great importance of what you deal with as a routine part of your job has to go somewhere.



High Stress Jobs


  • Psychologists

  • Social Workers

  • Physicians

  • Money Managers

  • Police and Firefighters

  • Attorneys and CEOs



Related Issues

Folks tend to under estimate the level of personal stress created by high stress jobs.  They cope with too much alcohol, drugs, food, emotional withdrawal, or picking fights with loved ones -- none of which are good coping methods.



Talking with a therapist can help you regain perspective. Your experiences can be told with complete confidentiality and privacy, and you'll get objective feedback that won't endanger your job status.



​Call today to find out how to make as much space

for yourself as you do for others.


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